Producer - Photographer - Designer

Bruce Edwards



TRV Media Group LLC produced this intro for a series of seminar videos created by the Stonington Free Library in Stonington CT. This particular cut was used for playing on a monitor in the reception area at various Stonington Library activities.

Two other versions were produced as direct intros on the videos for the

"Thoughtful Thursday" and "Sunday Evening Lecture" series programs.



TRV Media Group LLC produced, without fee, this timelapse program to assist the ongoing fundraising efforts for the Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut. It was a great way to capture the extraordinary efforts of so many volunteers from all walks of life, the military and the public support that generated much needed operational revenues for this amazing non-profit Agency.

I used a GoPro, shooting in a timelapse mode, and then edited all of the Day footage clips into a program sequence in Adobe Premier Pro CC. There, I further adjusted the timelapse speed and duration, color corrected, added licensed music and graphics generated in photoshop, Illustrator and Premier Pro.

It's About  Children..........


I feel that the now 20 year old Underwater Construction video represents much of the diversity and creativity that we still offer today in our ability to research, shoot, script write and produce a truthful and actual program for the client.

This was a huge challenge to produce. Still, we were successful and within budget at a fraction of the cost of most production companies producing at our broadcast quality levels. The technology then was videotape aquisition and editing was significantly different. However, we were on the leading edge of digital non-linear editing. I shot 99% of the video and images used in the production, including aerial and underwater footage. There are no special effects or stock library footage purchases. Everything is real to the client. The "bubble footage" used in active backgrounds is actual footage from one of the dives.


I love the work, the challenge and the opportunity to produce effective material fo my client. Value? This video was used by the client for more than 14 years.


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